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Yes, the holiday season is coming up fast … again.   I wish everyone joy and peace and prosperity!

We are having a party and there will be wine!  In other news, we adopted a kitten. Her name is Zena and she is already the warrior princess of this house.

Brrr. It is cold and rainy and blucky here today. And this is FLORIDA.


I cannot believe how time flies.  Phew. It is already November.


I spent the last 4 days “back home” in Kentucky.  We had a family reunion up at Greenbo Lake Lodge. It was the first get together we’d had since my grandmother died last December. It was nice to see everyone and nice to be home in “good weather”.  Jackson and his mom went too! I also had the distinct honor of playing in Ashland’s Central Park with my grandson. I played there so many times as a small child. We went to Hill family reunions there with my Mamaw Cantrell. It was a amazing.  I also met long lost family members. I am still mulling over all that ..


And one more thing .. enough with the stormy weather.  It is storming again for the nth day in a row. And an earthquake just happened and … a hurricane is coming.  WTH?


So, we saw the movie Cowboys and Aliens this past weekend. Yes, we have been seeing a lot of movies lately. Especially since the movie theater nearest us now serves beer. And it is cool inside.

Anyway  – what I remember about Cowboys and Aliens is that Daniel Craig had on VERY tight pants and leather chaps. He was shown from behind a lot. And when they weren’t showing his bum, they were showing his gorgeous blue eyes.  All in all, it was an entertaining movie. Cowboys, aliens, Indians, robbers, mean ole cattle rancher and just mayhem. I rather liked the move.


So .. we are going on a cruise May 2012. Turkey, Greece, Greek Islands, Croatia, and Venice, Italy. Besides comfortable shoes, I dunno what to bring.  I think I want to work on getting in shape, too. I want to take some of the “walking tours” up and down and around some of the old cities. So ..reason number 293 to get back into shape … I am going to make a walking plan. Then I will worry about what to pack!

Loved them both. LOVED them. I really liked that the narration was from Abileen’s POV.  But I just loved this movie.


Jackson is TWO years old. That is a big boy! Happy Birthday Jackson!


Cause I sure am … a lot .. and there are pictures!


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