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Title Grade Comments
Inglourious Basterds A+ I loved it. Christoph Waltz gave one of the finest performances I have EVER seen. And Brad Pitt saying “Arrivederci” toward the end of the film was one of the funniest deliveries of a movie line EVER.
Star Trek A+ Loved it, loved everything about it.
Taking Chance (HBO) A+ Somber, beautifully attentive to details about which most of us are totally unaware. I sobbed my eyes out. Kevin Bacon gave a wonderful performance.
Eastern Promises A I think this was a 2008 movie, but only recently saw it. Violent, dark but absolutely Superb. Viggo Mortensen is amazing.
District 9 A Loved it. Made me think and consider. Gory, violent and not pretty to look at and a bit hard to watch, but superb.
X-Men – Wolverine A- Two words:  Hugh Jackman.
Hangover A- Hilarious. ‘Nuff said.
Watchmen B+ Dark and ambiguous, but I like superhero movies.
Angels & Demons B Pretty good, improbable, but good. I like Tom Hanks.
Public Enemies B Johnny Depp can hang a suit my friends. Smokin!
State of Play B Pretty good.
Taken B Liam Neeson carried this movie, but I liked it.
Harry Potter HBP B Love the world, the story, and the characters. Finely imagined and beautifully realized.
Transformers Revenge / Fallen B- Love the world, the story, etc. I am fan, but even I must acknowledge this was a bit weak.
Duplicity B- These characters have serious trust issues. Julia Robert is pretty good.
My Life in Ruins B- Beautiful scenery and Nia Vardalos is very funny and interesting.
The Ugly Truth B- Gerard Butler. I thought this was unnecessarily crude and it was hard for Kathernie Heigel to pull off some of this .. but Gerry Butler – yeah. I did miss his accent, tho.
Julie & Julia B- Very nicely done – I thought Nora Ephron’s writing was a tad light. Meryl Streep has a way of making everyone on the screen with her look good. Stanley Tucci was amazing in this role.
Medea Goes to Jail B- Funny .. Unnecessary crudeness, drug use and not subtle innuendo, but FUNNY!
Terminator Salvation B- Love the world, the story and the whole franchise. This was dark and bleak, and probably the weakest of the series.
Dead Like Me B- This used to be a series on Showtime, and they made a movie. I like it a lot.
My Life with Marly B- I like Jennifer Anniston. And what is not to like about Labrador retrievers?
He’s Just Not That Into You C+ It was okay.
Bride Wars C It was okay. Beautiful visuals.
The Proposal C It was okay – Alaska was beautiful.
GI Joe C Neat technology and I will see anything with Arnold Vosloo in it – just hoping to see him nekkid one more time.
Knowing C Nicholas Cage.. you didn’t know it was sci fi till the very end.
Night at the Museum Smithsonian C- The first one was amazing, this one, was okay I suppose. The relationship Ben Stiller had with his son in the first one was missing in this one, I think.