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I spent the last 4 days “back home” in Kentucky.  We had a family reunion up at Greenbo Lake Lodge. It was the first get together we’d had since my grandmother died last December. It was nice to see everyone and nice to be home in “good weather”.  Jackson and his mom went too! I also had the distinct honor of playing in Ashland’s Central Park with my grandson. I played there so many times as a small child. We went to Hill family reunions there with my Mamaw Cantrell. It was a amazing.  I also met long lost family members. I am still mulling over all that ..



Jackson is TWO years old. That is a big boy! Happy Birthday Jackson!



Yesterday we had beer and quiche with friends who have a 9+ month old baby. If you know Hubs and me even a little bit, I’ll bet you can guess which of us had which!  Their son is so adorable. He has about 8 teeth, he sits up, crawls and pulls himself up to stand. He will even take wobbly steps!  This is so wonderful to see! Besides just enjoying the cute little guy, I was thinking about all the upcoming fun for us.  Jackson (my grandson) is about 3 months younger and now I am so excited for him. Look at all the fun activities we have to look forward to coming right up!

We are going to see Jackson today. Love that boy.  Oh, and the 9+ month old has HAIR … !