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Daniel Craig

So, we saw the movie Cowboys and Aliens this past weekend. Yes, we have been seeing a lot of movies lately. Especially since the movie theater nearest us now serves beer. And it is cool inside.

Anyway  – what I remember about Cowboys and Aliens is that Daniel Craig had on VERY tight pants and leather chaps. He was shown from behind a lot. And when they weren’t showing his bum, they were showing his gorgeous blue eyes.  All in all, it was an entertaining movie. Cowboys, aliens, Indians, robbers, mean ole cattle rancher and just mayhem. I rather liked the move.


Loved them both. LOVED them. I really liked that the narration was from Abileen’s POV.  But I just loved this movie.


Title Grade Comments
Inglourious Basterds A+ I loved it. Christoph Waltz gave one of the finest performances I have EVER seen. And Brad Pitt saying “Arrivederci” toward the end of the film was one of the funniest deliveries of a movie line EVER.
Star Trek A+ Loved it, loved everything about it.
Taking Chance (HBO) A+ Somber, beautifully attentive to details about which most of us are totally unaware. I sobbed my eyes out. Kevin Bacon gave a wonderful performance.
Eastern Promises A I think this was a 2008 movie, but only recently saw it. Violent, dark but absolutely Superb. Viggo Mortensen is amazing.
District 9 A Loved it. Made me think and consider. Gory, violent and not pretty to look at and a bit hard to watch, but superb.
X-Men – Wolverine A- Two words:  Hugh Jackman.
Hangover A- Hilarious. ‘Nuff said.
Watchmen B+ Dark and ambiguous, but I like superhero movies.
Angels & Demons B Pretty good, improbable, but good. I like Tom Hanks.
Public Enemies B Johnny Depp can hang a suit my friends. Smokin!
State of Play B Pretty good.
Taken B Liam Neeson carried this movie, but I liked it.
Harry Potter HBP B Love the world, the story, and the characters. Finely imagined and beautifully realized.
Transformers Revenge / Fallen B- Love the world, the story, etc. I am fan, but even I must acknowledge this was a bit weak.
Duplicity B- These characters have serious trust issues. Julia Robert is pretty good.
My Life in Ruins B- Beautiful scenery and Nia Vardalos is very funny and interesting.
The Ugly Truth B- Gerard Butler. I thought this was unnecessarily crude and it was hard for Kathernie Heigel to pull off some of this .. but Gerry Butler – yeah. I did miss his accent, tho.
Julie & Julia B- Very nicely done – I thought Nora Ephron’s writing was a tad light. Meryl Streep has a way of making everyone on the screen with her look good. Stanley Tucci was amazing in this role.
Medea Goes to Jail B- Funny .. Unnecessary crudeness, drug use and not subtle innuendo, but FUNNY!
Terminator Salvation B- Love the world, the story and the whole franchise. This was dark and bleak, and probably the weakest of the series.
Dead Like Me B- This used to be a series on Showtime, and they made a movie. I like it a lot.
My Life with Marly B- I like Jennifer Anniston. And what is not to like about Labrador retrievers?
He’s Just Not That Into You C+ It was okay.
Bride Wars C It was okay. Beautiful visuals.
The Proposal C It was okay – Alaska was beautiful.
GI Joe C Neat technology and I will see anything with Arnold Vosloo in it – just hoping to see him nekkid one more time.
Knowing C Nicholas Cage.. you didn’t know it was sci fi till the very end.
Night at the Museum Smithsonian C- The first one was amazing, this one, was okay I suppose. The relationship Ben Stiller had with his son in the first one was missing in this one, I think.