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Yes, the holiday season is coming up fast … again.   I wish everyone joy and peace and prosperity!

We are having a party and there will be wine!  In other news, we adopted a kitten. Her name is Zena and she is already the warrior princess of this house.


My New Year’s resolutions for 2009 are / were as follows:

  • Stay alive. UPDATE: CHECK: Yup, so far so good!
  • Love my family. UPDATE: CHECK!
  • Stay employed. UPDATE: CHECK, I changed jobs, but stayed employed.
  • Try to eat healthier – and try to eat fewer sweets. UPDATE: NEXT.
  • Organize my household, especially my office and our garage. UPDATE: NEXT.
  • Get my COMPTIA Security+ Certification. UPDATE: CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK. I did so much better that this .. I GOT MY CISSP!
  • Win the lottery. UPDATE: NOT. WELL – Perhaps I need to be more specific. WIN A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR lottery prize. This winning two-bucks at a time crap is no longer working for me!
  • Make a baby quilt for my grandchild to-be. UPDATE: CHECK! He is here!
  • Finish my Aunt’s quilt. UPDATE: CHECK. She loves it.
  • Become a grandma! UPDATE: CHECK! Jackson arrived on 30 June 2009.
  • Read War and Peace. UPDATE:  Failed, again. But I did read Diana Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone. All 832 pages, that’s gotta count for something, right?

Now, I need to think of some meaningful resolutions for 2010. Any ideas?