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Slow year for movies for us so far!  We have seen only Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men First Class.  Liked them both. Transformers, Darkside of the Moon is on my summer list! Of course, The Help is ALSO on the list to see when it comes out. I loved that book.

I also watched (Blu Ray) The King’s Speech. LOVED IT!


Re-reading Pride & Prejudice. I really like Austen.

Lots of Vampire fiction, some better than others.

I am waiting patiently on George R.R. Martin’s next book!

I read The Lincoln Lawyer and some of the others in that series by Michael Connelly. Really enjoyed those.


I really LOVED the HBO Series Game of Thrones. Peter Drinklage and Maise Williams are both AMAZING!  And Jason Momoa showed SUCH restraint as Drogo.

Didn’t enjoy The Borgias as much as I thought I would .. but Jeremy Irons was SUPERB! I think the supporting cast was just a bit weak.

Speaking of HBO and Vampires – The new season of True Blood is starting off … interesting! I was on Team Bill, but I dunno .. I might defect to Team Eric.